Release of API version 2.2.3 with new features

1. Get location with address
Reverse geocoding and geolocation in a single request. Based on customer feedback, Combain Location API now can do both a geolocation lookup and reverse geocoding in a single request. This reduces latency and data communication as only one request has to be made instead of making two separate requests as earlier. Note: A successful response with both location and address still counts as 2 requests for billing. To enable reverse geocoding in a geolocation request, just add the “address”:1 parameter in the request body.
2. Get location with indoor information and floor
Our API will now not only give the location, but can also provide the building name, floor name, floor index, and possibly even room in the response as an indoor object. This is very suitable for seamless outdoor/indoor applications where a more accurate building model for positioning including floor has been created using Combain’s Indoor tools. Note: A successful response with both location and indoor information counts as 2 requests. To enable indoor in the response, just add the “indoor”:1 in the request body or have Combain to enable it by default on your keys.
3. (Forward) Geocoding – Get coordinates from an address
We have now added Geocoding API, also called forward geocoding, to our API services. This is very useful when you need coordinates from a street address or doing address search and want to show results on a map.

Read more about how to use these features in our API documentation: